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AGM 2022

Looking foreward the AGM will once again be held in Sharps pub on Tues. 23rd November 2022 at 7.00 for 7.30pm

Please email our secretary,,  if attending, thank you.

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Jan 29, 2022

Membership fees have been increased to £95 for the coming season which will include the use of boats on Muirhead Reservior. Members not able to attend the fee paying nights can post their fees, passport photo and returns to the treasurer.  New members can download the application form from the 'Membership' menu located on the website home page. The application should be forwarded on to the club treasurer whose details can be found on the same page.

Jan 21, 2022

AGM 2022

Jan 21, 2022

Two fee paying nights have been allocated for 2022, venue and dates below.

Dec 6, 2021

Club Constitution and Rules.

The substantial changes which have been made to the Constitution and Rules were approved at the AGM in November. Members should make themselves aware of how these changes may affect them by opening the link below.

Jan 21, 2020

In line with the Scottish Governments easing of restrictions, fishing at Scottish Water reserviors are now premitted on condition that all actions follow the Government guidelines on Covid-19 and Omicron