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In response to a notice appearing in the local press, a meeting of those interested in angling was held in the Masonic Hall, Largs on Wednesday 1st March 1944, and so the Largs Angling Club was formed. With an initial levy of one shilling and the membership restricted to 40 the Club acquired the fishing rights to the Noddsdale water. A ten year lease for Crosbie reservoir at West Kilbride was obtained in 1946 and a year later the rights to Middleton reservoir were acquired.

The 1950 records showed that sport in the Noddle was very good with 400 sea trout being a fair estimate of fish taken. Oh, to return to those days!

The fishing rights for the Gogo water were acquired from Halkshill Estates in 1965.
The Club then took over the fishing rights for Muirhead reservoir from a syndicate of local businessmen in 1972.

Due to numerous requests from anglers out with the town the Clubs name was changed in 1979 to “Largs and District Angling Club” covering the area defined by the former parishes of Skelmorlie, Largs, Fairlie and West Kilbride. However in more recent times the demand has meant that we will accept suitably proposed and seconded anglers from even further afield.

A lease to fish Outerwards reservoir was obtained in 1989, currently our Club can offer the widest choice of fishing in the area.

All our waters are covered by the West Strathclyde Protection Order which means that anglers must have written permission on their person when fishing our waters.

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Oct 10, 2016

2017 Season


Crosbie winter stock will be arriving 10th Oct at 11.00 If any one can provide assistance with the transfer of the fish it would be most appreciated.  It would also provide you with an opportunity to see the quality of fish that we stock!                                                                                                            Will members fishing Crosbie please ensure that all gates are kept closed at all times, this is most important just now with the lambing season upon us.  Thank you.!

Membership fees have been kept at £80 for the coming season

The Club wishes to welcome new and old members to the 2017 season.  The new seasons stocking should arrive as usual just before the season starts and will be augmented with a second stocking about mid season to spice things up. It is also hoped to add some brown trout stoch to both Outerwards and Crosbie reservoirs about the end of April when we see how the finances stand.  This will of course depend on the membership level,  Those fishing Muirhead will be in for some surprises this year because we stocked a considerable number of very large brown trout between 2.5 and 4 lbs last back end.  Anyone hooking one of these should have a fight on their hands.  While we do not criticise members from taking a fish for the pot we do encourage you to practice catch and release.  The current cost of a 1lb brown trout is well in excess of £3.00 so if they can be preserved as long as possible it will benefit everybodies sport!  Maybe this is a good point to remind you that the catch limits on Muirhead and Outerwards are 2 fish per day  and on Crosbie One fish only per day whether it be brown or rainbow.

Boats and boathouse. Last season was a bit of a disaster as far as the boats were concerned, this wss caused by two problems!        The main one being that the Scottish Water have refused us any further use of the boathouse , this due to health and safety reasons, primarily with the roof.  Although Scottish Water have offered to repair the roof they would have increased our rent by 50% which in turn would have to be passed on to the members!  Even at that this did not cover any repairs to cracks in the walls etc. and the Club would be responsible for the ongoing maintainance.                                                                                                                    "Members must now be aware that the boathouse is strictly out of bounds and any member  contravening this will cause the Club to face recriminations and possibly lose the fishing rights! "

The problem then arose as to what to do with the boats and how to keep them secure.   At the moment it has been decided to place them at each end of the reservoir and secure them with chains and padlocks. The oars will initially be stored in our container at the Largs end all of which can be accessed with your gate key.

Work Parties In order to get everything ready for the new season there is some work needing done  especially to the bridges over the ditches along the road shore and also to get the boats and trailers ready.  For this we intend to organise some work parties so if you can lend a hand whither with a skill or muscle all assistance will be most gratefully received .  Watch out for dates, times etc on this website, also you can give in your name and contact info. at fee paying night.

Finally We are still in need of  a further office bearer to take up the post of Secretary, our treasur is doing a sterling job coping with his own function and keeping the secretarial side under control as well, but it's a lot to expect  of one person . The secretaries position is very interesting and rewarding  and  from past holders of the position not at all onerous.  If you have some basic computer skills although not entirely neccessary and a couple of spare hours a week and are up for a challenge maybe you would like to put yourself foreward for this interesting post.

Lets hope you all have an excellent season and we wish youi tight lines.

Largs and District Angling Club Committee


2017 Membership

Members not able to attend the fee paying nights can send  there fees to the treasurer if possible before the end of March

Persons wishing to join the club in 2017 and not able to attend the fee paying nights  should do so by down loading the application form and send this with the appropriate fee to the treasurer.

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